The Love INC Network works together to provider services to assist the poor and needy of Jackson County residents. Love INC of Jackson County uses the following model of ministry adopted from Love INC National. Below is a visual representation of the model:

Love INC Ministry Model

Love INC of Jackson County currently operates a Clearinghouse and Gap Ministries. The following services are provided through our Love INC Network:

Birth Records / ID Retrieval – Our Love INC Network will assist residents in need retrieve birth records from anywhere in the United States. We provide information on what documents are required for each County Clerk and Secretary of State request. Birth Records and ID’s are essential to accessing benefits such as housing programs, medical benefits and treatment, applying for housing, retrieving SSI retirement benefits, and children enrolling for school. Please start the process by calling one of our volunteers.

Busfare for medical appointments or transportation to work – We have a standing relationship with JTA to assist clients in need reach necessary local medical appointments through JTA. Furthermore, some residents who may need assistance getting back and forth to work. Please call our office if you are need of transportation assistance.

Prescription Assistance – Some residents experience financial struggles paying for necessary prescriptions to maintain their health. The Love INC Network is filling the gap by supplementing prescriptions and assisting in finding long term solutions.

Water Shut Assistance – The Love INC Network is one of the only supports for water shut off. If a resident is facing a water shutoff the Love Network may be able to help. Please call our office.

Habitat for Humanity Ministry – The Love INC Network partner with the Habitat for Humanity Restore to assist residents that experienced a hardship. Our Network may be able to help replace necessary household items. Call our office for more details.

Personal Needs Ministry – 14 churches work together to serve personal need items every Thursday from 5pm to 6:30pm to an average of 90 households a week. No registration required just show up at First Baptist Church on South Jackson St at 5pm on Thursday.

Diaper Ministry – One of our longest running Gap Ministries for needy families. We supplement households with diapers as needed. Contact our office with your diaper needs.

Office Phone Number – 517-782-9766 Ext 1