Network Services

The Love INC Network serves the Jackson County residents through a church network of resources. Our vision to “Equip churches to transform lives” start with our call center we refer to as “The Clearinghouse”. We screen requests for churches so they are equipped to make informed decisions about requests.

Our network of churches provide the following services:

  • Vital Document Funding – Our network assist Jackson County residents retrieve their birth records from around the country. Jackson residents who lost or misplaced their state ID or driver license may also receive funding with retrieving documents for programs, employment, or housing.
  • Medication Co Pay Funding – Jackson County residents who need assistance paying for medications may receive help from the church network.
  • Small Medical Equipment – The network may pay a portion of medical equipment expenses depending on available funding.
  • Furniture and Household Assistance – Our network is will to support Jackson residents with household items and furniture as needed and available. Call the office for more details.
  • Transportation – Our network will provide busfare for employment, education, or medical appointments. Our call center requires documentation of need. Call the office for more details.
  • Case-by-Case – The Network will consider other requests that may not be filled by other agencies. Call with your request and we will be help to see how we can help.

Our network of churches do assist with the following requests:

  • Hotel/motel requests
  • Gas cards
  • Phone bills
  • Rent/mortgage/security deposits
  • Funeral Costs
  • Ramps
  • Insurance payments
  • Rental application fees

Call the office with your requests today 517-782-9766 Ext 1.