Century Club 500

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Century Club 500

Century: So, what’s with the name? Century Club 500? Let’s start with century. Century stands for $100 a year. It is so many ways to donate $100 a year. Some club members give $10 a month through recurring donations monthly. Other club members give $25 a quarter. Most give $100 once a year. Make a pledge today to support Jackson County of Michigan residents today. 

Club: Century Club members believe in the mission of Love INC of Jackson. Made a pledge to do their small part to support transformation for Jackson Michigan residents. While residents in need work toward change, your pledge is supporting basic needs such as preventing water shutoffs, transportation, ability to purchase necessary vital documents for additional programs and services. Be part of the club today by making a pledge today to support Jackson County Michigan residents through Century Club 500. 

500: 500 pledges to donate $10 per month equal $5,000 per month. $5,000 per month equal $60,000 per year. For the cost of 2 cups of coffee or even sacrificing one lunch a month you can impact the community. Decide to make your pledge today and join 1 of the 500 pledgers to help Love INC assist residents in need. 

Make the Pledge today and Join the Club

It’s simple to get started. No donation required today. Make a pledge today to donate in this current year. There are 2 ways to make your pledge today:

  1. Complete the form below online right now. 
  2. Call 517-782-9766 Ext 4 to verbally make your pledge. We will need your full name, your mailing address, how much you pledge and how often you will donate within one year. 

Thank you for making your pledge today to join the Century Club 500!